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There has been a particular account taken of street fashion culture in the design and development project of the Stamp website. Therefore, this website has been designed according to the latest trends in this industry. Along with a practical user experience, suitable for the niche market of this brand, the audience can notice subtleties in graphics and design in every corner of the website.

The design of this website uses WordPress and HTML5 / CSS3 programming language. The user interface is designed with the help of Adobe XD software and creates an experience for the audiences in which they can find the product they desire and make their purchase without encountering any problems.

The categorization of the website is in such a way that the user can access different categories of products, new products, on sale, and the most popular products by just entering the website and accessing this section. The user area allows the users to add their desired products to the shopping cart and pay for them in the shopping cart system, after going through a simple registration process.

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