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Lytic Health
React Native React & Redux Laravel
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We went for a completely plain and interactive user interface in designing and developing the Lytic Health website and application so that the organization’s audiences could simply find a doctor related to their health condition by just visiting this website and entering their symptoms. All the Call to Action buttons on each page are specified in a way that the user would not get distracted from the main goal of the corporation.

For the font choice, we went for the one that was easy to read both on the desktop and mobile phones, and the written content could be easily read by the user. In the final readability test, a large percentage of the statistical population was able to easily read the contents of the website and application.

In this platform, which belongs to the Clearstep company, the audience reaches the final goal in the following 5 steps and can begin the treatment process:
– Symptom Checking
– Triage & Care Routing
– Price Transparency
– Scheduling
– Business Intelligence

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